10 Fabulous Homemade White Elephant Gift Ideas 2024

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Some good white elephant themes include: If you're looking to spice up your party, why not try one of these fun and unique white elephant theme ideas? Whether you prefer a classic Christmas theme or something more specific like hats or movie nights, there's a theme out there for everyone. Get ready to take your party to the next level with.

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Typically at every party you'll have a handful of actual good gifts (lottery tickets, alcohol, and hot chocolate sets are popular in our groups!), but the majority of the gifts should be funny, silly, or downright weird. White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas. Here are more than 50 (UPDATED: There are now 100 gifts ideas!

50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas

Beverage Themed Gift Ideas. "Life Is What Happens Between Coffee and Wine" tote bag. coffee spoon with a fun message. wine stopper. tea infuser. 5. Game. Games are always fun, and when the gift exchange is done, another party activity is waiting: game time! I've got plenty of game ideas for you.

50 Hilarious and Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas The Dating Divas

We have 15 ideas for white elephant gift exchange themes that will make Christmas perfect! All you need to do is to sit back, relax, and pick an ideal theme from our list. It's that simple! White Elephant Game Preparations. Table of Contents. Maybe our team is formed by gamers who enjoy good old consoles and high-tech gadgets. Whether it.

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Here are 6 ideas for White Elephant themes that are both fun and practical. #1 Booze. Let's get this party started, right? Assuming everyone in your White Elephant imbibes on occasion, having a booze-themed gift exchange can be a lot of fun! It's best if you push people to think outside the box. Maybe get beer from your local brewery, or.

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6. Cell phone cases. A cell phone case can potentially be one of the best white elephant gifts because it is both stylish and useful. From quirky designs to unique patterns, cell phone cases add a subtle yet charming twist to a holiday gathering while also protecting the phone of whoever ends up with it. Choosing a cell phone case for a white.

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One popular white elephant theme is "Ornaments.". In this theme, everyone brings an ornament to the exchange. This can be a fun way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and to add some extra decorations to your tree. You could also have a theme for the ornaments, such as vintage, unique, or regional/state ornaments.

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HMMIA Pop Slingshot Toy. $16 at Amazon. It's hard to go wrong with a silly gift at the right price. A fun time for children and adults, this slingshot toy will have them rolling on the floor laughing.

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Ototo Gracula Garlic Crusher. This cloaked crusher deftly minces multiple cloves but also pulverizes seed, nuts, and spices. $20 from OTOTO. $25 from Amazon. According to most chefs and our.

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Amazon. View On Amazon $24 View On Walmart $48. This karaoke microphone is a fun gift for all ages, making it an ideal choice for a family white elephant exchange. All they have to do is connect the microphone to their phone via Bluetooth or cable, and then download the app to get the karaoke party going.

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Movie Madness. Bring the silver screen to your White Elephant exchange by making it a movie-themed event. Participants can bring gifts related to their favorite films or movie genres. Think movie posters, DVDs, or even props inspired by famous films. Movie buffs will especially appreciate this theme.

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Aesop. In the thick of cold and flu season, nothing will serve them better than this bougie Aesop hand mist with delectable scents of mandarin, rosemary and cedar that leaves hands silky soft.

25 Best Hilarious White Elephant Gift Ideas

Best White Elephant Gift Under $25: Wine Bottle Brain Teaser Puzzle. Best White Elephant Gifts Under $30: Minute Mimosa Trio. Best White Elephant Gift Under $50: JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker.

10 Fabulous Homemade White Elephant Gift Ideas 2024

10 White Elephant Theme Ideas From TikTok That are Guaranteed Crowd-Pleasers. Get creative with your holiday party this year. Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, The Grinch Game—whatever the heck you call.

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Dungeons & Dragons White Elephant Theme. If you and your crew love to game together, this D&D-themed gift exchange by @joan_de_art is sure to be a blast. Instead of purchasing traditional gifts.

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Bacon & Bourbon Candle, $19.95 on Amazon. Replicate the intoxicating smells of Sunday morning breakfast with a bacon candle. Caution: this gift may cause extreme hunger! Bacon & Bourbon Candle.