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Pipe on clouds with white icing. 3. Melt green candy coating according to package instructions. Pipe green stems onto parchment paper. Let dry completely. 4. Carefully peel the stems off of the parchment paper and place on the side of the cake. 5. Next make the candy clay by melting a bag of candy coating.

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Story of the day: The Rainbow Cloud Cake is a whimsical and delightful dessert that brings together the colorful charm of a rainbow and the fluffy, airy es.

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Step 4: Place in Cake Pans. Now that you have mixed the food coloring into the batter pour half of the batter from each bowl into one of the cake pan (the other half is fit the second pan). When pouring start from red and end in violet. Once done pouring find a flat area such as the counter top to lightly drop the pan on several times.

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Introducing the Rainbow Cloud Cake 🌈 - your passport to a whirlwind of delightful flavors and sweetness! This isn't just a cake, it's a 5-layer cotton candy confection, each layer offering a unique, delicious experience of pure cotton candy.- Refreshing Watermelon 🍉- Juicy Mango 🥭- Zesty Lemon 🍋- Tropical Kiwi 🥝- Sweet

Rainbow Cloud Cake Julie's Eats & Treats

Step 4 Fit pastry bag with 1/2-inch round tip. Spoon in 1 cup frosting; set aside for clouds. Transfer 21/2 cups frosting to medium bowl, then tint light blue with food coloring. Keep remaining.

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Directions. Preheat oven to 325°. Grease and flour a 10-in. fluted tube pan. Prepare cake mix according to package directions. Transfer 1-1/3 cups batter to prepared pan; spread evenly. Remove an additional 2 tablespoons batter to a small bowl; reserve. Divide remaining batter into six separate bowls, tinting each with food coloring to make.

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Divide batter evenly into four small bowls. Mix a tablespoon of Jell-O powder into each bowl, with each separate bowl getting a different color. To get an extra bright color, use more powder. Pour the cake batter into your four (greased, floured) 8-inch cake pans, with one color per pan.

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Slice the frozen Funfetti cake into various size pieces and arrange in cloud-shape cups. Frost the insides of a cloud-shaped mold with some buttercream, all the way up the sides. By the way, in this video, I cover half of the mold with rainbow jimmy sprinkle buttercream for variety. Cover the sides enough so none of the sides are exposed.

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While cake is cooling, boil 1/2 Cup water, add jello and whisk until dissolved (about 1-2 minutes), take off heat. In a 2/3 Cup measure, add in 1/2 Cup of ice cubes and fill with cold water. Pour ice water into jello mixture. Whisk to combine. Whip 1 1/2 Cups of the whipped topping into the jello.

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Rainbow Cloud Cake. $27.00. Quantity. Add to cart. Hand-spun with our custom organic sugar base, this cotton candy cake features 5 distinct layers of the best cotton candy you've ever had. We guarantee it. Our unique sugar infusion recipe lets us pack every slice with a tropical punch unlike any other cotton candy on the market.

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Prep : Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a bundt pan with shortening or butter and then add flour. Tap the bundt pan to move the flour around to coat all the shortening. Cake Batter : Using a hand mixer, beat together all the rainbow cake ingredients on medium speed for at least 1-2 minutes.

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Preheat oven to 350 °F. Spray three 6-inch round cake pans (or six 6-inch round cake pans) with non-stick spray, line the bottom of each pan with parchment paper, and spray again. Set aside. In a medium-size bowl, whisk and stir together the cake mix, all-purpose flour, and salt.

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For the Cake. Preheat your oven to 160ºC/140ºC fan and line three 8"/20cm springform tins with parchment paper and leave to the side for now. Weigh 5-6 medium eggs in their shells and get as close to 300g as possible (e.g. 312g) Then add 312g of butter and caster sugar to a bowl and beat until light and fluffy.

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Whisk to combine. Place 4 large egg whites in a large bowl and use an electric hand mixer to beat on medium speed until foamy. With the mixer running, gradually beat in the remaining 1 cup granulated sugar. Continue to beat on medium-high speed until soft peaks form, about 8 minutes.

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This gorgeous Rainbow Cake has a surprise inside! Underneath the fluffy white cloud-like frosting are bright stripes of rainbow buttercream frosting. Make it for a special birthday, party, or St. Patrick's Day! Rainbow Cake with A Surprise Buttercream Rainbow! Rainbow cakes are the perfect party cake.

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Cover the rainbow shape with thin fondant. Mix food colors with a little bit of vodka and brush on the rainbow. Let it set. Remove browned edges on cake. Stack the cakes with a thin layer of buttercream in between. Slice the cake layers in half and carve into a cloud shape. Add a layer of buttercream frosting to the outside of the cake.