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Many people believe the tea should be poured into the cup first, then the milk. Get dressed up! It's a party, after all. Stir gently. The delicate teacups require you to stir gently and it should be done in a back-and-forth motion, rather than in circles. High tea and afternoon tea are two completely different things.

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Setting Up a Tea Party. When you set up a tea party, it's a little more than getting some food together and putting it out on a table with teacups, saucers, and a teapot or two. The good news is that you can keep it as simple as you like, have a formal event with fancy decorations and china, or go wild with a themed tea party..

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Set up a table, chairs, and a centerpiece, and enjoy the sun and some cucumber sandwiches.. Great prizes for a tea party include a tea set, a box of luxury tea bags, a bottle of champagne, a gift card for something luxury, handmade goodies, a gift card for a day out, and some luxury cookies. Food Ideas. Homemade Pastries.

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Appoint someone ahead of time the honor of pouring the tea for the guests. After offering the guests the two choices of tea, fill the teacup 2/3 full. This allows the tea to stay hot and gives them room for milk and sugar. Hand the teacup to the guest.REMEMBER~when serving tea do not separate the cup from the saucer, but always handle the cup.

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Step 5: Steep, Sip & Enjoy! When the day of your afternoon tea party arrives, don't forget to relax and enjoy all that you planned. Hosting an afternoon tea party can be a lot of fun and a great way to get together and slow down with friends and/or family members. Steep the teas.

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Tip 4: Fresh flowers are a must. Even if it's one bouquet at the center of a tablecloth-lined tea table, fresh flowers, whether cut or in an attractive delicate pot, are important for setting the tone for tea party decorations. Be sure to take one bloom out and place it in a small vase in the bathroom for guests to enjoy in private moments, too.

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Tea Party Food: Traditional High Tea Items & Courses. Traditional afternoon tea is served in three courses, usually on a three-tiered tray, like this one below, accompanied by a pot of freshly brewed tea. First Course: Tea Sandwiches and Savory Tea Party Food. Second Course: Scones with Jam and Cream. Third Course: Sweet Treats.

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While the original concept for afternoon tea included only black tea, like Earl Grey or English Breakfast, modern hosts include green tea, oolong tea, and herbal blends, says Meier. They also might add a cocktail or sparkling beverage for the over-21 set. "Traditional afternoon tea is without alcohol, but many modern teas include a glass of.

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Step 8: Set Up The Tea Service On The Edge Of The Table. You should brew a few varieties of tea for your tea party, served in its own teapot. Ideally, the tea leaves should be taken out or in a strainer to avoid tea leaves ending up in the cups.. If you're hosting a large tea party, you can also set up two different stations for guests to.

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When setting the table for a tea party, it's important to select the appropriate tableware to complement the theme and style of the event. Start by choosing a tablecloth that fits the size and shape of your table, and opt for a color and pattern that coordinates with the overall aesthetic of the party. Next, select an elegant set of teacups.

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Consider your menu carefully. Ensure you can make at least 75% before party day. Choose one or two more time-intensive dishes and give yourself enough time to do them without rushing. Consider any major food restrictions of the guests. In this case I had two vegetarians and two guests who are gluten-free.

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Tip 2 - Placement of the Teacup. When you lay the table for a tea party it is important to pay attention to the correct orientation of the teacup. As a general rule, the teacup should be placed to the right of the place setting, above the knife and spoon, as shown below. Imagine having a 97th birthday celebration (or any other number birthday.

Princess Tea Parties in Riverside for Adults & Children Princess tea

OR MIX A "HOUSE SPECIAL". If you're feeling extra fancy, you can set out a "house special" tea blend. If your tea party has a guest of honor, you could even name it after them! One of my personal favorites is a vanilla rooibos mix. To make a cup of the blend, combine 8 tablespoons of red tea with 4 tablespoons of roasted cacao nibs, 2 teaspoons.

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4. Fold a linen napkin, or serviette, for each guest. Fold each napkin into a rectangle, square, or triangle, then place to the left of the plate with the open edge on the right side. [2] However, if you need to save space at your table, you may place each napkin on the center of a plate. 5.

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The multi-sensory teas refresh standard tea time, creating an exciting and unique tea-drinking experience. I got to practice setting up a beverage bar at this party and I started this Easy Tea Bar with a DIY project we made for spring. A tea party is not complete without some fun treats and snacks. To make the party even easier on you, buy the.

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The best thing about having a tea party or afternoon tea is just the fellowship and encouragement you can get during this time. You can have a successful Tea with 1 or 20 friends. You can even make it a monthly event and change up the theme and food each time.